Inclusion & Diversity

Our goal is to change the construction industry to be more diverse, be inclusive of everyone, and give equal opportunity to all individuals to excel in their careers. We have not yet achieved our fullest potential as a company that truly positions people of all disciplines and backgrounds to succeed, but we are working on that goal and looking for talented individuals to get us there.

Clark’s inclusion & diversity initiative is at the very center of our core values.?Caring about the well-being of people is so critical to the culture and safety of our company, therefore supporting diversity and inclusion are absolutely crucial. Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion, and provide exposure to different life experiences, statistically have better outcomes for not only the company, but the overall team.

People that identify with being in a minority bring diverse knowledge and experiences that can provide enormous value when it is supported by people who care. A team that lacks inclusion and diversity cannot achieve an understanding of what makes true excellence. If diversity is not valued and nurtured, communication suffers, performance suffers, and the team develops mistrust.

Supporting diversity is the first step, but without inclusion a team does not benefit from what diversity has to offer. When we talk about inclusion, we mean an environment where all employees are:

  • Treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Provided equal access to opportunities and resources.
  • Welcomed and valued.
  • Heard and understood.
  • Appreciated for their unique contributions.
  • Able to contribute to the company’s success.

Inclusion & Diversity Committee

Our inclusion committee meets on a monthly basis to strategize inclusion and diversity initiatives for internal and external activities. This core group’s goal is to increase company awareness of the importance of having a diverse workforce and how that makes our company better as a whole.

Clark’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Women in Construction

There is a significant shortage of women in construction, statistically only 9% of the employee pool. We are dedicated to fostering leadership and recruiting women at Clark because it is proven that female-led companies consistently outperform companies with predominately male leadership.

We have a Women @ Work internal group that meets monthly to empower and cultivate leadership within our company.

Our Women @ Work group.

A More Diverse Workforce

Having a diverse workplace is NOT about checking a box. Companies with a diverse workforce statistically have more engaged and happier employees. Teams with diversity also have improved critical decision making and innovative ideas.

At Clark, we value NEW IDEAS and CULTURAL DIFFERENCES above sameness and status quo.

Other Initiatives

Clark participates in the Paradigm for Parity? initiative. We are working towards their 5-Point Action Plan to minimize or eliminate unconscious bias, as well as significantly increase the number of women in senior operating roles.?
Our firm is currently seeking the Equal Pay Certification which we hope to achieve by Q1 2021.
At Clark, we are prepared and took the pledge to take steps towards creating a diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive construction industry. We encourage all of our colleagues to take the pledge today:?

Business Case for Diversity